"Happy Shaonai" change "hard strong man"

Published: 03rd February 2011
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Elizabeth Lee entrepreneurial story, "electric eye beauty," said Elizabeth Lee of Hong Kong singer and amphibious star, married a Taiwanese businessman in 1995, Zheng Xiang, and has been living in a leisurely "too wide" life. In recent years, her Costume Jewellery business, field agents from "happy soul mate" turned to "hard strong woman." Whispering giants emptiness of their lives

Elizabeth Lee in 1987 to participate in "Miss Hong Kong" campaign as runner-up, add entertainment to the development of film and television music scene, becoming the object of the pursuit of many handsome guy. Alex Man shot her series "Genghis Khan" the rumored; In particular, she and the "Hong Kong Singer," Luo's a love affair is a hit. Do nothing, "King Xiang had a dream, goddess mood", and later she co-operation with the Min Lin Chung Xijiaqingzhen, the two fell in love several years, Lin Min Chung joined the lead singer for her to make a compensation for many years wish Elizabeth Lee, the successful launch of a solo album, but Finally, the end result of personality clashes and the two broke up.

End of 1995, Elizabeth Lee suddenly got married, married a Taiwanese businessman Cheng Xiang in the aviation industry, the air held a mock wedding ", a sensation RTHK. Elizabeth Lee gave birth to twins in 1998. Elizabeth Lee of Taiwan to live a happy settlement" soul mate "of life, every Shoppes day stroll, or about Sanwuzhiji tea reception, beginning to feel a kind of enjoyment, but that one day, they began to feel empty, lost the color of life. Elizabeth Lee said: "Every day we had a very boring life becomes no goal made me realize that marriage of touch with society, Wholesale Jewellery is not conducive to maintaining a happy marriage. "So she invest in a hair salon, to develop investment interest. Determined to start does not rely on her husband in Elizabeth Lee and Cheng Xiang, although known as the" model couple ", but this period of 8 years of marriage does not come easily, have been a "Cold War period."

 "First year of marriage, these days most hard." Elizabeth Lee said with emotion. She first married in Taiwan, the language barrier, unfamiliar, there are times at odds with her husband, a huff and walked out the door to go pick up the luggage. But out of the house but I do not know where to go, and finally had no choice but to go home. She was due to the "national language" does not speak, communicating with a disability in her husband many misunderstandings. Later, she put all of the hearts of some of the discontent to her husband to see on paper. This "correspondence" is not only reduced the misunderstanding between the two, but also to develop a taste. Children knew a pair of twins has been 5 years old, They entered the day on campus, but also the cause of Elizabeth Lee decided to give full time to develop.

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